3 Tips For A Perfect Weight Loss Meal

woman choose  from sweet cake and red appleWhat are difficulties during your weight loss diet?  Many people come to nutrition experts with questions about “what to eat”  for the weight loss. if you know that more than 95% of people, who want to lose weight, do not know what to eat at meals.

Even many fail to make a good meal for weight loss thinking that the more eat less the more lose weight, and this is a biggest mistake for those who seeking to lose weight.

To repair it, I will show you 3 wonderful tips of meals below for a perfect losing weight plan. These tips can help you know how to prepare a useful weight loss meals. Continue reading this article and you will get a sexy body as you dream.

3 Tips For A Perfect Weight Loss Meal

Tip 1: Your meal has some quality protein

If you want your body always has  a stuff to regenerate, renew and grow, you must consume protein-rich foods. Protein has a higher thermic effect, each protein intake of 100 kcal, 25 kcal are spent on digestion. So you will burn fat quickly and lose weight faster.

Healthy sources of protein:



Whey protein (high quality supplement)

turkey breast

Fish and lean red meat

Tip 2: Your meal needs some fibrous carbs

Vegetables are very important in your diet. Virtually all the vitamins and minerals we need to keep an iron is present in vegetables. In addition, vegetables are rich in fiber which is essential for our health and especially for those who want to lose weight.

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They also help filling your stomach and therefore you will feel less hunger. So the result of your weight loss program will be more perfect.

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Tip 3. Add some saturated fat to your daily meals

Do you think that fats will harm to your health and your weight loss plan? The answer is no if they are the saturated fat found mainly in red meat, in contrast, it has been scientifically proven that helps in weight loss and proper functioning of our body.

In fact, saturated fat is good fat and essential to our health.

Sources of healthy fats:

Coconut oil

Olive oil


Almonds and walnuts

organic butter

red meat

I hope these tips can help you get more achievement of weight loss plan. Click to the video above to learn more useful tips to lose weight quickly. Good luck!

How To Eat For Losing Weight Quickly?

lose weightWeight loss is not easy, and also, not comfortable at all because most people do not know that they usually do so many serious mistakes in their daily diet. And that’s the reason why they gain weight quickly. So do you know what those mistakes are?

Try to look at the most popular diet of Americans below:

• Breakfast is the smallest meal of the day with any fast-food they find on streets.

• Lunch is a decent, moderate sized meal.

• Dinner is the biggest meal of the day. They eat more and more, late at the evenings.

What is the problem? Exactly you are eating too many foods in the time when your metabolism is at its lowest level. As the result, the excess calories will be stored in your body as fat and it makes you gaining weight.

May be you don’t know that, the timing and the size of each meal when you eating in the popular diet are opposite with your body needs, exactly opposite with the cycle of your metabolism. And it does not have any benefit for your weight loss at all.

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So, How To Fix It?

It is not difficult because I will show you some perfect tips below.

So what is the answer?

Just eating right to your metabolic cycle!

Your metalolism is usually highest in the morning and is lowest at the everning night of the day. So you need make a breakfast by a largest meal, and in the evening, just consume a smallest meal or a snack.

Besides, your body will consume perfectly carbonhydrat after the waking up hours, so just eating more carbs in the morning (not evening) before going out. Your body will not store fat.

In conclusion, To be sure the operation of your metabolism active all day, and to help your body can burning fat quickly, don’t forget eating base on the cycle of your metabolism. Some notes which you need remembering:

Breakfast: Eating a largest sized meal of the day with higher carb intake.

Lunch: Eating a moderate size meal with a moderate carb intake.

Dinner: Eating a snack or a smallest sized meal with a lower carb intake.

Follow these recommendations and I am sure that you will get a best result of your weight loss plan. If you want to learn more other wonderful tips for losing weight and fat quickly, click to the video above. Watch and enjoy now! Good luck!